I've been seeking for the old classic movies since this summer. Before this,I seldom watch the "black&white" movies. Although I've watched "All Quiet On the West Front" and adored it,I think it's the "Rope" made me fall in love with the old films. I got to say that Farley Granger is definitely cute! Especially in another Hitchcock movie "Strangers On the Train", and of course I like the carousel fighting scene,that's brilliant of that time!

So that's the beginning of my old time trip. With the desire of war movie and homo subtext(that's pretty interesting sometimes!),I began searching the classics.

Up to now I only collect the cheaper one, because it's really hard for a poor student to buy the Amazon superb version! Few days ago I just lost two extinct films because of a really mean seller.(I'm sure she's crazy.) That really upset me. I'm also disappointed by the cut of many good films. If only I can be older to find those missing treasures!

I've not finished all the movies I've got, and it's a long way to go...

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