Like the missing of 7 O'clock's school bus
Summer took the path again
All the way she murmured my lost youth
And my dreams in childhood
They call me loser cause I had no guts
I wonder if she ever loved me

I have not much money left
Mom told me to be strong
I asked if I could be a wooden without feelings
I'm tired of the motherfuckers all around
Joe told me to learn how to fight

Summer robbed my youth and ran away
I cried and begged for mercy cause life's too hard
There'll be bombing wherever I go
The devil inside my heart strayed my way
Pains of reality is all I have

I can't recall the movie I've first watched
I don't remember the first book I've read
I gonna figure out what I'm living for
Since summer's gone and my youth's faded
I gotta try to get out of the mire
In case of my surrender

-Joe Bloggs
in the end of summer


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